Manasoundtracks is a specialist recording label committed to releasing the very best of Australian and New Zealand soundtrack albums to the world.

We provide a full service – from clearances, overseeing release schedules to coordinating promotion.

Our releases are available from all discerning record stores and online.

Brand Alliance

The right piece of music for your creative brief will unquestionably strengthen the unique positioning you’re seeking for your brand. The powerful emotional cues of music support, add value to and help define the story you’re telling.

Music and brands have developed a very symbiotic relationship through modern marketing communication and there are now myriad opportunities to work with music as branded content or experientially in some form, in addition to electronic media campaigns.

To find out how Mana’s direct connection to artists around the world can further strengthen the robustness of your campaign, please give us a call.

Premium CDs

Think about the way that music is employed in film and TV drama. Think about how many radio and TV commercials use music to target demographics and give their product an emotional resonance.

And now, think about how you can use music in your clients’ next marketing campaign, retail strategy, media promotion or product launch. Think about the impact of actually creating a CD (or DVD or USB Stick) to utilise in any number of ways: as a loyalty reward, a premium, a value-add, a redemption offer, an on-pack promotion or whatever and however you want.